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Whether you have several panels that need to be replaced or your entire screen enclosure needs to be rescreened, we can help. We offer several types of screen material so that you can have exactly what you want for your outdoor area:

  • Standard 18/14 fiberglassThis is our most commonly used material, able to keep out mosquitoes, flies, and practically any other insect mother nature can throw at you.
  • 20/20 No-See-Um fiberglassFor insects such as no see ums and gnats, 20/20 screen mesh is your best bet. Made with smaller holes, this screen can keep out any of the other bugs mother nature might send flying your way!
  • Florida Glass Privacy ScreenThis is a popular choice amongst residents with close neighbors, who want privacy while enjoying their outdoor area. This material also helps keep dirt out of your indoor areas.
  • Tuff ScreenPet owners love this screen! It is one of the strongest screens we offer, featuring a polyester core. It provides a screen more durable than fiberglass core materials, allowing it to withstand more abuse. This material is also a great choice for those living on golf courses. Fore!

Our trucks are stocked with each of the screens mentioned above, as clients often want to see the difference between the screens before making a final decision for their screen enclosures. Not sure exactly what you need (other than the obvious, dangling in the wind)? Call us today, we would love to send a technician out to meet with you and take note of exactly which panels need our services.

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Screen Replacement FAQ

Q: What if I don’t know how many panels are out? Can you check for me?
A: While doing your panel replacements, our crew will take the extra time to do a full walkthrough of your entire cage to check for any other areas of concern and communicate that back to you

Q: What type of screen do you use?
A: We only use Phifer screen, which is not only an excellent quality screen, but is also made right here in America

Q: Do you work on two story cages?
A: Unfortunately, we do not work on two-story enclosures.