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Dog Doors

As proud dog owners, we love installing doggy doors for fellow pooch families! Not only do these save you from having to open the door every time they need to go out, it saves your screens from them creating their OWN exit! We offer doggy doors to match your aluminum color, in either white or bronze. They also come in a wide range of sizes for your “big” little dog to your giant “lap” dog.

As we have had several aging dogs, we have watched them struggle to use the doors when they are too high or low for them. We can install the doggy door in the precise location that your beloved pet needs for their maximum comfort. This helps them from having to bend down or jump over to get through their door. Whatever it takes, we want to make your pooch happy (we’ve been known to stop work to play with furry friends)

Screw Changeout

Having rusty screws on your screen cage doesn’t just look bad, it increases your risk of damage from a multitude of dangers. The screws on your enclosure have the ever-important job of holding your structure together. From the little screws up top to the large tapcons on the bottom, they possess the most important task in our pool cage, but often go overlooked. To cut costs contractors often use inferior products that rust quickly in Florida. We remove your fasteners and replace them with larger screws to ensure they hold. We ONLY use stainless steel fasteners on ALL our projects.

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New Doors

Sometimes, believe it or not, things corrode and stop working correctly in Florida. If your screen door is guilty of this infraction, we can replace it with a smooth-operating, beautiful new door. We use extra hinges and felt door liners to give you a product that works as good as it looks. We take the time to square up openings, rebuilding and/or adjusting them to make sure your door is here to stay.

We proudly offer PCA custom doors to meet your ever specific need for a door that really stands out. The design options are endless, from simply being just a bit wider to better accommodate movement to displaying images of your very favorite – and often Floridian – animal or scenery. Our standard door options, which are roughly 36″ x 80″, come with a felt door line and an 8-inch kickplate to keep dirt out. We use 3 hinges to install instead of the more commonly used 2 hinges, which helps give your door better functionality.

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Window Screens

Windows have screens too! We do offer a service to repair torn or damaged screens found in window screens, or to rebuild the frame when it is broken beyond repair. We use metal corner keys to lock our frames together as opposed to the cheap plastic ones from box stores. We only use fiberglass no-see-um screen unless a different kind is needed to match your current screens.

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Kickplate Install To Prevent Rats/Wild Animals

It never fails that some type of wild animal consistently dig and wreck your screen panels…meaning you are constantly having them replaced. For those that can’t shake the pests, we have a solution for you! We can install kickplate along the bottom of your screen enclosure, then screen above that up as per normal. This means when the rodent tried to break through, they will hit an aluminum wall instead of your easy to tear up screen.

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Aluminum Repair Gallery

Aluminum Renovation and Repair The elements in Southwest Florida can be very unforgiving, wreaking havoc upon your structure and it’s parts. We can help fix up that unsightly enclosure with new paint, fasteners, screen and more. Our process is tried and true, and we stand behind our workmanship. A renovation will save you money when compared to the cost of a new enclosure!

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