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Midas Screening FAQ

Q: Do you have a warranty?
A: We offer a one year warranty on our screen installs

Q: Do you require deposits?
A: No, we do not require deposits

Q: Do I have to be there when the work is done?
A: As long as we can access the screen cage, you do not need to be there (unless you want to!)

Q: Do you charge for estimates?
A: No! We offer free estimates, and as an added service, we will send a technician out to your panel replacement job to indicate which panels you need replaced if you are unsure.

Q: Is it really that big of a deal that you are licensed and insured when others are not?
A: Our license holds us up to a standard where we need to follow the most current building code, which means your project is up to the most recent code. Our insurance protects you if one of our crew members is insured on your job site.

Q: You are more expensive than my other quotes – why should we use you?
A: When choosing us, you get more than a one man shop where he is trying to do it all. Doing it all is hard, and something usually is found lacking. We have a team of guys on your job site focusing entirely on your project, as well as an office to answer your every question, clarify the scope of what YOU want done (not what we think you want done) and to help make your experience an amazing one. We want to give you both the best quality of work and the best customer service we can possibly provide. Unfortunately that doesn’t come cheap, and our prices may be beat by the solo guy’s out there. But, we want you to love your experience so much you call us back next time!