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Front Entryway Screens

If you have a front entry that lacks style and purpose, we would love to transform it from old to gold! With a wide range of configurations and door options, we are here to help guide you through the process to find an enclosure that fits your lifestyle and needs perfectly. Check out our FAQ section below to help get the ball rolling. If you have more questions about YOUR front entry way, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by phone!

Front Entry Screen Enclosures Gallery

Entryway Screen FAQ

Q: Can I do a front entry with no chair rail (no middle pieces of aluminum)?
A: You sure can! This creates a beautiful illusion of no screen, with clear sight lines.

Q: Can I do a custom door? Or French doors?
A: We offer a vast array of custom doors, with various designs and sizing options. With many options to choose from, most clients find it helpful to speak to one of our technicians to help pick the right door for you.

Q: What kind of screen materials should I use?
A: You can use any of the screening materials we offer. Check out our screening page to dive into your options.

Q: What makes our front entryways different?
A: Our Midas touch difference is three-fold:

  1. Custom fit to your exact space. Unlike some competitors, we meticulously fit all your aluminum around the profiles and contours of your front porch.
  2. All our fasteners used on your project are stainless steel, just like the rest of the projects that we undertake
  3. We use felt door liners, add extra hinges and use the strongest and most durable materials available. Even better, these products are made in the USA!